d48 | Art on a Mission
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on a Mission

Great design relies on the perfect balance between Art and Communication. Driven by diverse perspectives, passion and experience, we make sure that our work remains distinct but relevant, creating intellectual interaction and recall. We believe that design is communication and that Art must have a mission. 

Art for Hire

The d48 team is composed of graphic artists, art directors, web developers, photographers, creative directors and video production teams specializing in their respective fields. The team collaborates ideas from different perspectives and develops a solid strategy that has a direction dedicated to its purpose.

With a keen eye when it comes visual hierarchy; every design must have elements that work hand in hand to capture attention and deliver the message.

Art on Business

Every business has its own respective approach and target market. When it comes to forging marketing and sales strategies, we make sure that we understand and align with the client’s business and objectives.

We specialise in Art direction while utilising diverse computer programs and traditional methods. With programs from Adobe to Autodesk Maya, we ensure every program is drawn to its fullest potential. We also render hand-drawn artworks, giving that distinct look that carries our identity.

Art on Demand

We recently launched our 3d printing arm that offers product design development and rapid prototyping for all industries. We are slowly building relationships with manufacturers and 3d printing communities to increase people’s awareness on the potential this technology can bring to our lives.

3D Printing is a vital step to mass-production and the bridge to product design and rapid prototyping. We want to promote local manufacturing and help inventors and designers to bring their ideas to life.

Visit www.3dprint.ph website for more information.